Easy BotCryptoTrading

BotCryptoTrading is an ultra-easy-to-use trading robot that works with the Binance exchange platform.

Trading robot? A trading robot goes from received signals to place purchase and sale orders with a profit taking.

The robot has very little adjustment and it can be used with the settings recorded on delivery. Just start saving his Binance API keys no further settingtos to make. (think about changing your password)

The signals (Premium or free) arrive on the robot automatically, once the robot launches no action is necessary.

The robot uses three signal providers with the possibility of a free or premium license:

  • CRYPTO SIGNALS Signals are sent manually by a qualified trader after a human analysis of the charters. Signals of very good quality. A premium license is available at $7 per month. The number of daily signals varies depending on the market’s possibilities. Test the bot with CRYPTO SIGNALS for less than $10 on the first month. With a signal success rate of more than 95%!
  • CRYPTO QUALITY SIGNALS It is possible to use CQS signals free without registration. CQS offers a premium license at $10 per month. Signals are categorized by risk, with 3 gain targets and one Stop Loss.
  • MININGHAMSTER SIGNALS It offers premium signals with a small monthly rate of $6 and a success of more than 94%.