The trading robot

The goal of a trading robot? Like any robot it will automate trading. A trader will spend all his time in front of huge and multiple screens to see the right crypto opportunity and then pass the purchase orders and sales in manual.

With a trading robot once configured everything is automatic!

In addition BotcryptoTrading has very little setting and they are very explicit and simple.

To start with BotCryptoTrading you have THREE things to do:

  • Change the robot’s password to put a personal (and strong) password
  • Saved your two Binance API keys.
  • Choose the signals to be taken into account by the robot (CS and/or CQS) free of charge or by paying (after purchasing a license from the supplier).

There’s no more! Everything else is already preset but you have the option to change them.

Tip: Use the BNB for trading fees on Binance. Less cost for you, resale of all the crypto purchased. Of course the robot works with the fees taken on the crypto.

The robot’s additional settings.

The robot has a Stop Loss value. Some signals (CQS) have a built-in Stop Loss so it is possible to choose between the robot’s Stop Loss or the Stop Loss of signals. (preset on -7%)

Adjusting the value of each trade. This value is in Bitcoin and will be taken as a purchase value for the robot’s orders. (Preset on 0.001Btc) Be careful to have enough Btc to make the trades.

Adjusting the maximum trade number for each type of signal. (Preset on 3) Be careful to have the amount of btc corresponding to the number of trades – the value of each trade!

The type of purchase:

  • Purchase at the market – purchase at market price at the time of order. Beware the price can change very quickly and make a purchase more expensive than the signal. However, all signals are purchased.
  • Purchase at signal price. The signals offer an optimum purchase price. If the price is cheaper the signal will buy cheaper. On the other hand some too expensive signals will not be bought.

The type of purchase is pre-set upon purchase at the market

Resale price.

  • Signal price sale (TP: Take Profit for CS and three targets for CQS)
  • One% TP sale for CQS signals
  • One% free sale for CS and CQS.

The resale price is preset to the TP price for CS signals and on Target 1 for CQS signals.

Stop Loss Risk Adjustment. This option is only available for CQS signals. It indicates a potential risk of Stop Loss between 1 and 5. The free signals of CQS always have a risk between 4 and 5 and the premium signals a risk between 2 and 3.

Robot comfort settings

Adjusting the tongue. Currently English and French

Notification of trades (Gains and/or Stop Loss) by email.

A day word and a night mode

Changing your password.