Trading robot rate

To use the BotCryptoTrading robot you must first apply on the contact page in order to receive a Bitcoin payment address.

But it is possible to pay for the robot with Paypal. (see button below)

In any case the robot will be delivered to you within 72 hours

The price for the first use of the robot is 0.0007 Bitcoin (70,000 satoshis) for a period of 30 days.

Robot launch promo price 0.00035Btc (35,000 satoshis)

Paypal payment (launch price 3.5€ for 30 days):

WARNING this tariff allows the use of the robot with access to all settings and with free license signals. The rate does not include the Crypto Signals and Crytpto Quality Signals in premium version. For these signals you must take a paid license directly from the supplier. (see site signals page)

If then you decide to continue using the robot after these 30 days it will be necessary in the menu of the robot to make a payment always in Bitcoin at the address proposed by the robot and the amount indicated.

The price will be 0.0007 Bitcoin (70,000 satoshis) plus 5% of your earnings from the previous period. If during the previous period your gains are negative (unfortunately this happens with trading) the price will be 0.0007 Bitcoin (70,000 satoshis).

The price of 0.0007 Bitcoin (70,000 satoshis) helps cover the costs of the servers used by the robot to operate.