But what is a signal for a trading robot?

A signal is a suggestion to enter a transaction on a currency pair, usually at a specific price and time. The signal is generated either by a human analyst or by an automated robot provided to a signal service subscriber. Due to the timely nature of the signals, they are usually communicated by email, website, Telegam, API or any other relatively immediate method. (Wikipedia).

A signal is an indication of a more or less important movement on a crypto pair in the case of the robot the movement will be on the rise. The signal indicates the pair (ex ZEC-BTC), the entry value for the purchase and the expected profit. Some provider gives more information such as a risk index or a Stop Loss.

The robot will receive this information and if the robot’s settings allow it it will make a purchase of the crypto. The value of the purchase will depend on the adjustment of the value of the robot’s orders. And the robot will immediately replace a sales order with a profit either indicated by the signal or indicated by the robot’s settings.

The robot currently operates tow signal providers that offer signals with a free or paid license.